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Match Report: Bracknell Bees 15 - 3 Bracknell Hornets

posted 30 Dec 2017, 02:39 by john slater

Match report by Ashley Willitt

It was a much anticipated match up on Wednesday night between Bracknell's 2 top senior mens sides. The Bees v Hornets game was on a lot of minds and lips these past weeks, with the Bees struggling to buy a win in NIHL1 and the Hornets flying high in NIHL2. Many thought it would be a close fought (but friendly) affair with many players having played for both sides at some point in the past or present. The game was played in honour of 'Orchid', fighting male cancer, and funds raised were donated to this hugely worthy cause.

Starting in goal for the Bees was the ever smiling Danny Milton, where-as it was the talented James Richardson for the Hornets.   Officiating this tie was Bracknell legend Tony Lack, assisted dutifully by Justin Lalonde.

From the off it was clear to see the gap in talent between the two teams, the Bees easily able to pass the puck about with little the Hornet's defence could do about it. It wasn't long before the pressure paid off and George Norcliffe got the nights first goal. Despite there being several regular players missing from both sides, the Bees still had star player Frankie Bakrlik on hand to cause a lot of trouble for the Hornets. A couple of great saves by Richardson couldn't deny Bakrlik from scoring though and the big Czech bagged himself a couple in quick succession, split by a well worked goal for Hornets player coach Danny Hughes.

You could see there was a lot of fun being had on the ice, more so by the Bees players, but the game was being played in great spirit and that really translated to those in attendance. Plenty of big chants and cheers for 'Bracknell' rung around the Hive as the large crowd really got into the game in a great night for Bracknell hockey club as a whole.

Back on the ice and towering GB under 20 international defenceman Josh Tetlow was playing as a forward and scored two really well taken goals in as many minutes. A third for Frankie and the first of the night for Matt Foord meant the score finished 7-1 at the end of the first.

It was tough to tell if the Bees had taken their foot off the gas a little as some slick passing and confident finishing meant Foord got a second, then later his hat-trick and Bakrlik another two in a steady second period. The Hornets were certainly not outclassed and put together some beautiful plays but just couldn't get past Milton in the Bees net. Part way through and Milton made way for Alex Mettam to take up residency between the pipes but there was still no way through for the Hornets.

Into the third and it was the Hornets with Hughes to get their and his second of the night, once again assisted by Adam Bicknell and Josh Ealey-Newman. Four unanswered Bees goals, including a hat-trick goal for Tetlow, took the tally up to 15 but Hughes wasn't to be denied a hat-trick of his own and scored an absolute beauty of a solo effort, stick handling around a couple of defenceman before opening Mettam up like tin of beans and slipping the puck through his pads. Into the final minute and Hughes was denied a chance on goal by Bakrlik and referee Lack gave a penalty shot. In a completely unprecedented move, Mettam gave his helmet, glove and blocker to Scott Spearing to face Hughes' penalty. Spearing waited him out and made a strong save against Hughes, much to the delighted cheers and laughs from the crowd.

So 15-3 it ended, in a game where the scoreline was never going to be important. What was important was raising money and the profile of a fantastic charity and bringing all facets of this wonderful club together for one night of fun and celebration of hockey.

Match stats
Period Scores: 7-1; 4-1; 4-1
Bees scorers: Bakrlik 6+1; Foord 4+0; Tetlow 3+1; Barker 1+3; Norcliffe 1+2; Galazzi 0+6; Lane & Martin 0+3; Jackson, Milton & Spearing 0+1
Hornets scorers: Hughes 3+0; Bicknell & J.Ealey-Newman 0+2
Bees PIMS: 6 (Jackson, Tetlow & Spearing 2)
Hornets PIMS: 2 (T.Fisher 2)
Shots on Bees (Milton & Mettam): 37 (10, 9, 0 & 0, 4, 14)
Shots on Hornets (Richardson & Sanderson): 30 (15, 9, 3 & 0, 0, 3)