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Swish to Go continue sponsorship

posted 27 Aug 2017, 10:24 by john slater

The Bracknell Bees are delighted to announce a continued sponsorship partnership with Swish To Go for the forthcoming 2017-18 National Ice Hockey League Division 1 South season.

Swish To Go is a quick dissolving powder that is a natural way to achieve cleaner teeth, healthier gums and long lasting fresh breath. Use as part of your daily routine, without the need for water, it's quick and discreet to use, anytime, anywhere.

The unique biologically active formulation of Swish To Go helps prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and plaque, and by increasing pH levels in the mouth, it neutralises the acids that otherwise attack teeth and cause cavities. Being completely safe to swallow, the powder greatly reduces the bacteria at the back of the mouth that are often the cause of bad breath.

Available in three great flavours all offering 3 in 1 complete oral care!

Swish To Go gives you that just-brushed feeling any time of day. Unlike gum or mints, Swish To Go doesn’t mask bad breath; its patented formula gets rid of it. Brushing your teeth is great, but you can’t always be near your bathroom when you want to clean your teeth. With Swish To Go, you can enjoy a long-lasting, intense clean and confident fresh breath anytime, anywhere.

Swish To Go is the healthy natural way to make your mouth happy. Perfect for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Enjoy at home, work, school, holiday, or out on the town.

Use Swish To Go for cleaner teeth, healthier gums and confident fresh breath in just 10 seconds.

You can visit the Swish To Go website for further information at or check them out on Facebook to at